Elijah Ride II has begun

8-8-2013 at Port Augusta, SA

“The wilderness and the wasteland shall be glad for them, and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose… (Isaiah  35:1, NKJV)

Awaiting is not a wasting. While 12 members of preparation team were waiting for the main body of the Elijah Ride at Port Augusta from Monday 29th of July, we met with a devout Christian lady Lavene, the council CEO of Davenport Community.  God opened her heart by the Holy Spirit and therefore she poured out favour upon the preparation team of the Elijah Ride.  She officially welcomed us and allowed us to use the community hall for two successive evenings free of charge. We were able to invite the whole aboriginal community of Davenport to YWAM’s ministry and  BBQ party.  There we met an amazing man of God, called Ken.  He sang a song: “Wait a little longer, then we will see him coming back” .  He had been waiting for the return of Christ and a breakout of the spiritual revival in the outback community.  A lady called Jean Reid gave away several pieces of her own precious aboriginal paintings to the Korean visitors.  Finally on Saturday 3rd of August 2013, we were able to put up the Tent of David in Port Augusta.

On the same day afternoon,  we were invited by the organisers of Port Augusta’s Warfland Show to perform the Korean traditional dances. Our YWAMers prayed for Australia with their dances and sounds of Korean traditional musical instruments.  They also preached the gospel of Jesus’ love and forgiveness with a YWAM drama. Pastor Glen spoke about the Elijah Ride . I myself spoke about the importance of prayer for the spiritual revival of Australia.

We had our first worship at the Tent on that same Saturday night.  Still more team members and the horses were to arrive there yet. But we had the sound system and worship team ready to start. So we prayed and worshipped God there in the tent.  Several aboriginal people from Davenport Community joined us in our worship.

I had to drive back home on the next day.  But Pastor Glen in Port Augusta rang me up later and informed me that an aboriginal man and a woman gave their hearts to Christ during their worship meeting in the community hall.  God is moving and in the business of saving His people.  But I know somebody has to be there to be used as a channel of God’s life. I pray that the team of Elijah Ride may become such a channel of God’s love.